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Supplier Quality Requirements


i. CIBRED SUD Integrated Management System Policy

Thanks to a careful and continuous analysis of the economic and social context of activity and according to all requirements of any party involved, CIBRED SUD S.r.l., in order to meet full customer satisfaction, defines and commits to achieve the following targets:

·         constantly improving quality and safety of products and services.

·         always ensuring satisfaction of parties involved.

·         involving, training and motivating human resources.

·         promoting process and product innovation as driving force of the organization


To achieve such goals, Top Management has decided to implement and maintain a Quality Management System compliant to requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 9100:2018 norms.

All the company employees and associates are concerned with the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System.

A specific partner has been appointed as quality guarantor and promoter of the management system implementation and quality targets.


ii. introduction

To meet the objectives of this policy, CIBRED SUD has implemented a quality system compliant with ISO 9001 and AS9100. This system is rather based on prevention and continuous improvement than on defect detection.

CIBRED SUD recommends all suppliers of components or materials to be, or become, third parties registered to ISO 9001 International Industry Quality Standard or AS9100 Quality Management System Requirements for Aviation, Space & Defense Organizations. In case the supplier is unable to obtain such a registration, CIBRED SUD may conduct on-site assessments of suppliers to determine supplier’s ability to meet CIBRED SUD requirements.

iii. Scope

This manual will be used as a basis for establishing workable relationships between CIBRED SUD and all of its suppliers. It is part of the purchase order by reference. The direction in this manual will not relieve the supplier of the obligation to furnish material conforming to all the requirements of the purchase order. However, the document is not intended to supersede any applicable contract or specification requirement. When conflicts occur, the order of precedence shall be:

           1.     The contract or purchase order

           2.     The engineering drawing and relevant specifications

           3.     This document

This manual applies to all CIBRED SUD suppliers of production materials, parts and services. It does not apply to suppliers of office supplies, shop supplies, tools, lubricants, and other items/services not contributing directly to the manufacture of CIBRED SUD’ products.
CIBRED SUD suppliers are expected to review, understand and comply with the requirements of the contract and of this manual. This manual is part of the purchase order by reference.

1. Supplier Agreement, Responsibility and Certification
The supplier is responsible for establishing a quality system in accordance with this manual. The supplier's quality system shall prevent the shipment of nonconforming product, as well as minimize waste and costs.
The supplier is required to provide material in accordance with engineering specifications, statistical requirements and purchase order requirements, as outlined in this manual and as required by the purchase order.
The supplier is responsible for all materials supplied to CIBRED SUD, whether manufactured or processed by the supplier or procured from a sub contracted-supplier (sub-tier). The supplier will provide a corrective action plan to correct non-conformances of supplied material within required time as specified in section in this document.

2. Quality System Requirements
CIBRED SUD is required to use the ISO 9001 and AS9100 standards when developing its supplier base. The following is a summary of the standard requirements, including CIBRED SUD specific requirements where applicable. AS9100 requirements are included and are noted for Aerospace suppliers only. Suppliers are expected to obtain their own copies of ISO 9001 or AS9100 as appropriate. The CIBRED SUD supplier survey reflects these requirements and is used for initial qualification of CIBRED SUD suppliers.

2.1. Management Responsibility
Suppliers must adopt a process approach when developing and improving the effectiveness of their Quality System. The Supplier's top management shall define its policy for Quality, including its objectives and commitment for quality. The supplier shall have a documented organization structure that is appropriate for its requirements. The Supplier's quality objectives and policies shall be clearly understood at all levels within the organization.
The supplier shall have a continuous improvement plan for processes and quality systems, with the status periodically reviewed and updated.
The supplier shall be responsive to CIBRED SUD needs. They shall have a system in place to address any customer-related problems and track key events such as quotes, tooling, pricing, quality, delivery and engineering problems.

2.2. Quality System
The supplier shall maintain an effective documented Quality System. The documented quality system should be defined with manual, procedures and instructions in accordance with requirements of ISO 9001/AS9100, or equivalent specification(s). Systems not well defined in the manual shall be well defined in a procedure or work instructions.

2.3. Contract Review
The supplier shall establish and maintain documented procedures for contract review and for the coordination of these activities.
They shall review all orders to ensure that:

  1. All requirements are adequately defined and all differences are adequately resolved.
  2. The supplier has the capability to meet the contract requirements. Including a risk- analysis, identifying any risk factors that may impact the supplier’s ability to fulfill all contract requirements.
  3. Pricing is accurate and any discrepancies are resolved in advance of shipments.
  4. Delivery dates are confirmed within 7 work days after receipt of order.
  5. Supplier has all applicable specifications at the revision level current at the date of the contract. Any needed customer specification stated on the purchase order shall be promptly requested from CIBRED SUD Purchasing Department.

Note: it is the supplier's responsibility to purchase any applicable Industry Specification to the current revision.


Any discrepancies or queries shall be resolved before the order or contract is accepted. Amendments and/or revisions to orders or contracts shall also be formally reviewed.

2.3.1. Technical Conflict
If there is a conflict of technical terms or conditions associated with a purchase order, the order of precedence shall be:

  1. The Drawing(s) referenced on the order, including published changes.
  2. Documents/specifications referenced on the drawing or purchase order.
  3. Documents/specifications referenced in other documents/specifications including this manual. Conflict in such secondary documents requires resolutions by CIBRED SUD Purchasing supported by Supplier Quality Engineering.


2.3.2. Verbal Instructions
Decisions between the supplier and CIBRED SUD’s coordinating personnel shall not be binding upon either party unless authorized in writing by purchase order or amendment thereto.

2.4. Document and Data Control
The supplier must have a verifiable system and procedures for the distribution and updating of drawings, standards, specifications, procedures and work instructions. The system must prevent the use of outdated documents and assure that current documents are available and in use by all individuals and work areas which require them.
CIBRED SUD provided specifications and drawings are strictly proprietary. Suppliers are not authorized to copy, or in any way make use of CIBRED SUD provided information other than for the purpose of fulfilling specific contract requirements, without the written approval of CIBRED SUD.

2.5. Purchasing
2.5.1. Subcontracting (Sub-Tiers):
Suppliers must use subcontractors that are approved by CIBRED SUD’s end use customer when applicable. The supplier shall be responsible to flow down all the CIBRED SUD purchase order requirements (down to the lowest tier) and ensure their adherence.
CIBRED SUD reserves the right to disallow work being performed by any subcontractor.
CIBRED SUD reserves the right to evaluate and audit any supplier subcontractor. Any such action will not relieve the supplier of his responsibility to ensure the quality of any product or service obtained.

2.5.2. Subcontractor Controls:
The supplier shall conduct a survey of the source/subcontractor facilities before placing business with them. The supplier is expected to have a system to evaluate its sources and subcontractors.
The supplier shall document the methods and survey used to evaluate a source or subcontractor's capability and shall maintain documentation of this process.
The supplier shall have a documented Approved Supplier List.
The supplier is expected to have a system for the control of material/product purchased from subcontractors to assure all incoming material meets physical, chemicals, visual, functional and dimensional requirement.
The supplier must encourage its sub-suppliers to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001, AS9100, or appropriate Industry specification(s).
The supplier shall plan, implement, and control processes, appropriate to the organization and the product, for the prevention of counterfeit or suspect counterfeit part use and their inclusion in product(s) delivered to the customer.

The Supplier must grant CIBRED SUD the right of access by the organization, customer and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of facilities and to applicable documented information, at any level of the supply chain.

2.6. Control of Customer Supplied Product
The supplier shall establish and maintain documented procedures for the control of verification, storage and maintenance of CIBRED SUD or CIBRED SUD’s customer's supplied product. Any such product that is lost damaged or is otherwise unsuitable for use shall be recorded and reported to CIBRED SUD Purchasing for resolution.

2.6.1. Supplier responsibility related to CIBRED SUD owned inventory
The supplier shall establish and maintain documented procedures for the control of verification, storage and maintenance of CIBRED SUD or CIBRED SUD’s customer's supplied product. Any such product that is lost damaged or is otherwise unsuitable for use shall be recorded and reported to CIBRED SUD Purchasing for resolution.

2.6.2. CIBRED SUD provided tooling & fixtures
Upon receipt, the supplier shall inspect for identification and general condition. The supplier shall immediately report damaged, malfunctioning or otherwise unacceptable items to CIBRED SUD Purchasing.
CIBRED SUD provided tooling & fixtures shall remain the property of CIBRED SUD. Supplier is responsible for the value of any lost/damaged tooling & fixture, other than normal wear and tear resulting from usage.
CIBRED SUD owned equipment may only be used for the production of CIBRED SUD orders. CIBRED SUD reserves the right to audit and inspect CIBRED SUD furnished property and equipment.

2.7. Product Identification and Traceability
The supplier is required to establish a lot traceability system that provides for positive identification and record keeping for each part throughout the major phases of receipt, manufacturing, inspection, testing, to the finished product.
When suppliers are processing products with lot trace systems from other internal or external suppliers, they must maintain the identity of the original lot trace number.

2.8. Process Control
The Supplier shall develop and maintain documented procedures, operator instructions, process sheets and test instructions for production, where the absence of such documents could adversely affect quality.
The supplier shall notify CIBRED SUD of any significant process or design change that may affect the fit, form or function of deliverable product. Included but not limited to changes of the location of manufacture, manufacturing method and/or material used in the process.
The Supplier shall comply with all CIBRED SUD and/or their customer's requirements for documenting and controlling special characteristics.

2.8.1. Special Processes
CIBRED SUD considers the following Supplier processes “special processes”:

          1.     galvanic treatments

          2.     painting

          3.     brazing

          4.     welding

          5.     heat treatments

          6.     Laser Marking/Engraving

Note: Where a special process is in use, procedures shall be established by the Supplier to verify the accuracy, skills and special environments needed to perform such operations.

2.8.2. Critical Items
CIBRED SUD defines "Critical Items" those components that are critical to the operation of its product. CIBRED SUD requires that the Supplier, when the "Critical Item" is highlighted to him, pay special attention to the production, handling and testing of these components.


2.9. Inspection and Testing
2.9.1. Verification of Incoming Product
Verification of Incoming Product can include one of the following methods:

        1.    Receiving inspection and/or testing

        2.    Second or third party assessment

        3.    Part evaluation by accredited contractor or test laboratory

        4.    Subcontractor warrants or certifications (in combination with one of the methods above).


2.9.2. Final Inspection and Testing
Final Inspection and Testing shall be conducted according to established processes. Records of all inspection activities will be maintained in accordance with supplier retention schedules and procedures.
Final Inspection Test data - When required by CIBRED SUD drawing, contract or PO the supplier must assure reports are supplied with each shipment. Data must be reviewed for completeness and conformance as part of the final inspection process.

2.9.3. Visual Inspection
Supplier shall ensure that each individual performing visual inspection has an eye examination at intervals of not greater than one year and that, if necessary or if correction is prescribed, each individual uses the required corrective lenses when performing required visual inspections.
All individuals performing visual inspection shall be capable of meeting the following eyesight requirement:

2.10. Inspection, Measuring and Testing Equipment Control
The supplier must utilize and maintain adequate inspection, measuring and test equipment to ensure the accuracy of all materials supplied to CIBRED SUD. The supplier shall ensure the environment for performance of inspections and test is adequate in respect to temperature, humidity, vibration, lighting and any other factors that could affect the accuracy of inspection and test results.

2.11. Inspection and Test Status
The inspection and test status of product shall be identified by suitable means, which indicates the conformance or non-conformance of product with regard to inspections and tests performed.
The identification of inspection and test status shall be maintained, as defined in a control plan and/or documented procedures, traceable throughout production and delivery of the product to CIBRED SUD to ensure that only product that has passed the required inspections and tests are shipped.
Note: Location of product in the normal production flow does not constitute suitable indication of inspection and test status.

2.11.1. Technical Plan
When a Technical Plan is required either by CIBRED SUD or CIBRED SUD's customer, the supplier will be required to develop a detailed Technical Plan describing the intended steps in producing the part.
The Technical Plan will be sent to CIBRED SUD for approval. CIBRED SUD will obtain approval from the customer or internally as necessary. When approved, a signed copy of the Technical Plan will be sent back to the supplier. In the event that the supplier's process is deemed proprietary, the suppler may submit the Technical Plan directly to the customer. The supplier shall not commence work until an approval has been obtained.
The supplier is expected to perform work in strict adherence to the proper revision of the Approved Technical Plan.

2.11.2. Certificate Of Conformance to purchase order
A Certificate of Conformance to purchase order, indicating parts meet all applicable specifications, is required for each shipment. This certificate must be signed or stamped by an authorized company representative.
It must contain, as a minimum:

        1.    Supplier Name and Address,

        2.    CIBRED SUD’s Part Number and Revision Level

        3.    Purchase Order Number

        4.    Quantity Shipped

        5.    Date Shipped

        6.    Heat lot number (raw material, forgings, castings)

        7.    Applicable Specifications & Revision level

        8.    If a Technical Plan requirement is applicable. The proper revision of the Technical plan shall also be stated in the Certification.


2.12. Control of Nonconforming Material and Counterfeit Material
The supplier shall establish and maintain a system to ensure that all non-conforming and counterfeit products are immediately identified, segregated and dispositioned. The supplier is expected to properly record all non-conformances and dispositions. Supplier must have a procedure to prevent and properly manage counterfeit products.
When a supplier becomes aware that nonconforming or counterfeit material has been shipped to CIBRED SUD, the supplier shall implement the following:

        1.    Promptly notify CIBRED SUD Supplier Quality or Purchasing, that CIBRED SUD may have received the              nonconforming or counterfeit material

        2.    Communicate to CIBRED SUD what corrective action has been taken

        3.    Any product or services provided by the Supplier which do not meet the acceptance criteria, whether                  found by CIBRED SUD or CIBRED SUD's Customer, will be rejected and the supplier will be responsible              for correcting all non-conformances

         Lots determined to be non-conforming or counterfeit by CIBRED SUD are subject to one or more of the              following dispositions with the supplier’s concurrence.

        1.    Return to the supplier

        2.    Scrap at CIBRED SUD facility at supplier expense

        3.    CIBRED SUD reworks the lot at supplier expense

        4.    CIBRED SUD performs 100% inspection, at supplier expense, and returns defective products to supplier

        5.   Use, but provide notice of non-conformance and make adjustments necessary to compensate for                       deficiencies

     The supplier, within the process of counterfeit part verification, shall monitor their obsolescence.


2.13. Corrective Action
When either CIBRED SUD or the supplier discovers a non-conformance, the supplier must have a formal system to resolve the problem and verify that the solution implemented resulted in correcting the non-conformance.

2.14. Handling, Storage, Packaging and Preservation
The supplier shall establish controls to ensure that product is not damaged during manufacture or transportation to CIBRED SUD. The supplier shall comply with special packaging and/or preservation requirements that may be included in purchase order specifications or drawings.

2.14.1. Foreign Object Damage (FOD)
A FOD preventative program must be documented and implemented to protect CIBRED SUD and its customer’s product at all times. Suppliers shall establish methods and facilities for identifying, handling, and storing articles to ensure against contamination, corrosion, damage, deterioration and invasion of foreign objects or substances. For components, sub-assemblies susceptible to foreign object debris and damage, the supplier shall ensure articles are free from foreign objects and foreign object damage resulting from supplier processing.
Specific attention should be given to:

        1.    Food & beverage controlled

        2.    Personal objects

        3.    Proper cleaning of internal cavities

        4.    Tool and small part accountability control

        5.    Loose objects


2.14.2. Preservation
All drawing oils and rust preventatives used by the supplier for the preservation of finished product must be in compliance with CIBRED SUD's Environmental Policy (section 7). The supplier shall comply with any special packaging and/or preservation requirements that may be included in purchase order specifications or drawings.

2.14.3. Packing Slips
Packing slips must be secured to accessible area on outside of carton(s) or pallet(s) and have suitable protection.

2.14.4. Delivery and Freight
The supplier will be responsible for cost of all freight not shipped in accordance with CIBRED SUD Instructions.
CIBRED SUD Traffic Management will communicate documents that outline the preferred method of carriage. Carrier selection is based on the location, the size and weight of the shipment. Should the suggested carriers not service the shipper’s location, call your CIBRED SUD Buyer for alternate routing.

2.15. Control of Quality Records
The supplier shall establish a documented procedure to define the controls needed for the identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention and disposition of records.
CIBRED SUD requires that the Quality Records pertinent to the manufacturing of the product to be available for evaluation per the following record retention requirements.

        1.    FAI (First Article Inspection), control plans, tooling records, purchase orders and amendments shall be              maintained for three calendar years after the last delivery of that product.

        2.    Quality performance records (e.g., control charts inspection and test results shall be retained for ten                  calendar years after the year in which they were created, or per the end use customer requirement,                  whichever is longer.

        3.    Records of internal quality system audits and management review shall be retained for three years.

         Records must be complete, legible and identifiable to the corresponding product and shall be readily                  retrievable. Electronic records can be kept, but must be stored and maintained in the same manner as all          "hard copy" records. All records shall be stored in such a way to prevent loss, deterioration or damage for          the entire retention period.

2.16. Internal Quality Audits
The supplier shall have a formal documented method for auditing the complete quality management system. The audit shall verify whether quality activities and results comply with planning and to determine the effectiveness of the system.

2.17. Training
The supplier shall ensure that its persons are aware of the relevance and importance of their activities and how they contribute to the achievement of the quality objectives.
The supplier shall establish and maintain a system for identifying the training needs and providing the training for all personnel performing activities affecting quality.
The supplier shall evaluate the effectiveness of this training and shall maintain appropriate records of training and job qualification.
The supplier shall ensure that its persons are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity.
The supplier shall ensure that its persons are aware of their contribution to product safety.
The supplier shall ensure that its persons are aware of the importance of ethical behavior.

2.18. Statistical Techniques and Sampling Plans
When deemed necessary or when CIBRED SUD specifies on the purchase order SPC (Statistical Process Control) shall be used to monitor and control a process and/or part characteristic. When not required by purchase order, suppliers are strongly encouraged to use SPC as a tool for continuous improvement, to monitor and control processes and to demonstrate process capability. Suppliers shall perform 100% inspection at all times unless specific permission is granted in writing by CIBRED SUD Quality Department.

2.19. Production Part Approval - FAI (First Article Inspection)
If a First Article Inspection report (FAI) is required it shall be noted on the Purchase Order.

2.20. Continuous Improvement
CIBRED SUD strongly recommends each supplier develop and institute a Continuous Improvement plan that includes Quality, Delivery, and Service.
Other areas for continuous improvement may include:

        1.    Increase availability of product

        2.    Increase cost competitiveness

        3.    Improving productivity and process control

        4.    More efficient use of resources

        5.    Reducing testing frequencies

        6.    Eliminating waste

        7.    Reducing cycle time

        8.    Customer satisfaction

        9.    Excessive handling and storage

Performance indices shall be used to measure progress and effectiveness.
CIBRED SUD is committed to supporting its suppliers in continuous improvement efforts wherever possible, and expects suppliers to participate in joint mutually beneficial projects.
The objective of this element is to improve quality and delivery performance and reduce cost.

2.21. Manufacturing Capabilities
Suppliers shall provide appropriate technical resources for tools and gage design, fabrication and full dimensional inspection as necessary. If any of this work is subcontracted, a tracking and follow-up system is required.

2.21.1. Preventative Maintenance
All key equipment used in the manufacture of CIBRED SUD product shall have a documented preventative maintenance plan in effect to ensure uninterrupted service and prevent unexpected delays in shipment. The frequency of such maintenance should be based primarily on statistical data, manufacturing equipment recommendations and past history.

2.21.2. Tooling
All tooling used in the manufacture of CIBRED SUD product shall be maintained in a condition that will assure that quality parts will be produced and reasonable tooling life will be maintained.
All tooling owned by CIBRED SUD must be permanently identified, or otherwise controlled by electronic records, as the property of CIBRED SUD with the CIBRED SUD tool number. Tooling owned by CIBRED SUD shall only be used in the fulfillment CIBRED SUD orders. CIBRED SUD tooling designs and tools are deemed as confidential and are not to be viewed or discussed with any party not expressly authorized by CIBRED SUD.

2.22. Obsolescence
The supplier shall implement a procedure for part obsolescence management. In this procedure, the supplier shall describe how the obsolescence risk management is deployed.

3. Supplier Qualification
3.1. Approved Supplier
CIBRED SUD will create and maintain an Approved Supplier List (ASL) for suppliers of production material and processes.
Suppliers are added to this list as they meet established criteria and maintain an acceptable performance rating.
CIBRED SUD does not purchase materials or product related services from companies, which are not on the approved supplier list.

4. Purchasing Documents
It is the responsibility of the supplier to obtain any and all referenced documents on CIBRED SUD PO, drawing or other communication.
All documents must be requested through the CIBRED SUD buyer to assure the correct revisions are provided.
CIBRED SUD is not responsible for errors or omissions as a result of documents referenced but not supplied by CIBRED SUD. It is the supplier’s responsibility to perform a complete contract review.

5. Quality Planning
5.1. Control Plans
CIBRED SUD requires a control plan for components, process or materials having significant or critical characteristics. Such characteristic are identified on the drawing or in an CIBRED SUD provided specification. The control plan shall be reviewed and updated as required, especially after every design and process change or if non-conformances are produced by the process. Control Plans may represent families of similar items produced from the same process stream. New or revised control plans shall be approved by CIBRED SUD Supplier Quality Engineer and/or CIBRED SUD's customer.
A Process Control Plan shall identify key process inputs and include a method for controlling each of them. A Process Plan should include the following as a minimum:

        1.    Methods of manufacture

        2.    Method of control

        3.    Method of measurement

        4.    Reaction Plan for out of control situations


5.2. Process Flow Chart
The supplier shall have a process flow chart that will be organized in a material flow sequence from incoming material to packaging and shipment. The flow chart should be reviewed and updated as required. Process Flow Charts may represent families of similar items produced from the same process stream.


6. Performance Rating
6.1. Weighted Rating System
Every quarter CIBRED SUD evaluates all suppliers by a weighted rating. Elements taken into account are:

        1.    Product certification

        2.    Product Quality

        3.    Delivery

        4.    Price

6.2. Quality Rating Calculation
This data is gathered using nonconforming data from incoming inspection as well as later rejections determined to be the supplier’s responsibility after nonconforming material review.

6.3. Delivery Rating Calculation
This rating indicates the delivery performance of material and services as measured against the agreed to lead time for the product.

6.4. Poor classification
If a supplier is in the Poor classification they will be given a request for a corrective action plan. Supplier who do not have appropriate rating cannot be used by CIBRED SUD and any new orders can be issued.

7. Environmental and Hazardous Material Processes
A supplier shall have a process to ensure compliance with all applicable government safety and environmental regulations, including those concerning handling, recycling, eliminating or disposing of hazardous materials. Appropriate certificates or letters of compliance should evidence this.

7.1. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
MSDS are maintained at all CIBRED SUD facilities for all chemicals used in that facility. Any chemical being shipped to an CIBRED SUD site must be accompanied by a MSDS or it must be supplied in advance of shipment.

7.3 Supplier Responsibility for REACH
7.2.1 All CIBRED SUD suppliers must conform to the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (the “REACH Regulation”) to the extent required and appropriate to their business.
7.2.2 Upon request, supplier shall complete any required documentation/surveys with respect to the REACH regulation within the time frame required.
7.2.4 Where the Products or parts thereof meet the definition of “articles” under REACH and contain chemical substances listed on the Candidate List, the supplier must provide the CIBRED SUD Buyer with all relevant information on such Products and parts that Supplier and/or its suppliers and/or its suppliers are required to       communicate down the supply chain under the REACH Regulation, including safe use information compliant with REACH.

8.0 Confidentiality Agreement
Supplier agrees not to make use of or disclose to third parties any data, designs, drawings, specifications and other information furnished to it by CIBRED SUD including the performance of any CIBRED SUD purchase order.
All CIBRED SUD order information is confidential between CIBRED SUD and Supplier and it is agreed by Supplier that none of the details connected therein shall be published or disclosed to any third party without CIBRED SUD’ written permission.