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Mod. n 145 - E

In factory service procedure

  1. before shipping, please fill the below RMA request form
  2. you will receive the assigned RMA code by e-mail
  3. RMA code has to be marked on all the relevant documents (shipping docs., orders..)
  4. Ship the equipment
  5. Cibred Sud will analyze it
  6. if the equipment will be within the warranty period, it will be repaired and shipped back (EXW Cibred Sud)
  7. if the equipment will be not within the warranty period,Cibred Sud will send you a quotation for repair. No repair action will be performed without your order.

Shipping address:

Cibred Sud S.r.l.  Via Catania, 2 - 00041 Albano Laziale Loc. Pavona-Rome-Italy


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